Summer Village Office Administration

Your Summer Village Office Staff:

Chief Administrative Officer for Argentia Beach, Crystal Springs, Golden Days, Grandview, Ma-Me-O Beach, Norris Beach and Poplar Bay -  Sylvia Roy

Development Officer for Argentia Beach - Sylvia Roy

Assistant C.A.O., Financial Officer for Crystal Springs, Ma-Me-O Beach, Grandview, Golden Days, Norris Beach and Poplar Bay, Assistant C.A.O., Financial Officer for Argentia Beach and Financial Officer for Joint Services,  Develoment Officer for Crystal Springs, Ma-Me-O Beach, Grandview, Norris Beach and Poplar Bay, IT, - Gail Coleman

Accounting Clerk - Rose Mary Peel

Special Projects, Development Officer for Golden Days - Paula Lamoureux

Administrative Assistants - Carol Banks, Carolyn Huddleston, Paula Lamoureux and Tamara Riviere

Fall and Winter Hours - Monday to Friday 9:00 am until Noon

Currently the Summer Villages under administration include:

Argentia Beach

Crystal Springs

Golden Days


Ma-Me-O Beach

Norris Beach

Poplar Bay